Something About Grandma

  • Publisher: Candlewick Press
  • Release Date: August 9, 2022
  • Author & Illustrator: Tania de Regil
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Age Level: 4-8
  • ISBN: 978-1536201949

At Grandma’s house, where Julia is staying without her parents for the first time, the breeze is sweet like jasmine. Mornings begin with sugared bread, and the most magnificent hot chocolate cures all homesickness. There’s something about this place . . . and about Grandma. Like how she can tell when Julia has been quietly picking limes from the garden. Or that she can see the future—and knows when Julia is about to fall off her bike. Or how she can journey back in time through the stories she tells. In the room where Julia’s mother grew up, her grandmother holds her in a warm embrace—an embrace that Julia will pass on to her family when her parents arrive with her new baby brother. With Tania de Regil’s heartfelt illustrations, incorporating poems by her great-grandfather that were handwritten by her grandmother, Something About Grandma offers a tender and playful exploration of the magic of intergenerational love and wisdom.

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“…Julia’s wide-eyed astonishment echoes the swept-away wonder of Studio Ghibli heroines. Gentle yet unforgettably moving, this story of the new becoming beloved lodges in the heart.”

Publishers Weekly

“Straightforward text moves the narrative along smoothly, while whimsical and soft illustrations imbue the story with wonder…Readers will emerge feeling just as calm as Julia.”

Kirkus Reviews